TIRI-801 – Blast Off Board Level 1 Sound Sequencing Set


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Level 1 includes

  • Blast Off Board and Starter magnets


  • 13 magnet sets (130 magnets) and 13 magnetic overlays of the following sound sequences:


  • Downloadable files with
    • Instructions and guidelines
    • Poems and song lyrics to familiar tunes – a great extension of the Blast Off Board
    • Checklists for each sound sequence for data keeping
  • A plastic 13 Folder Expandable File for easy storage
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Product Description

Are you tired of using picture cards for speech practice? The Blast Off Board combines speech practice with interaction, play, and fun and is especially geared for children with apraxia, articulation delays, or other sound sequencing disorders. This amazing tool is a complete sound sequencing program from vowels to multi-syllabic words and phrases. The Blast Off Board with accompanying magnets and overlays is a high quality, durable product made in the USA. The Blast Off Board evolves into 13 different boards with the additional magnets and accompanying magnetic overlays from Level 1!



The sturdy magnets and magnetic overlays in this Level 1 set include vowels (V), consonant-vowels (CV), CVCV, VC, VCV, two word phrases, and final consonants. A variety of consonants from p, b, and m to more complex sounds such as s, sh, and ch are included in this set.


Level 1 focuses on the typical progression of children who are at the beginning stages of verbal communication. Using the pictures from the Starter Set on the board, ask your child to repeat each word to determine which words are difficult to pronounce. That will help you determine which sound sequence to use first. You may start with vowel productions or you may go to 2 syllable words. It depends on what your child can do to be successful.


Using the same Blast Off Board, choose a different magnet set that you feel your child can do and place the accompanying magnetic overlay on the back. You now have a new Blast Off Board specifically chosen for your child’s speech practice needs! The complete sets come with a download of instructions, poems, and songs as well as checklists that can be used for data keeping.

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