TIRI-205-FA Animals Movin’ and Groovin’ Animal Face Posters only


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A collection of 12 Animal Face Posters from TIRI-205 printed on laminated 8.5 x 11 inch poster board.

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Product Description

These Animal Face Posters are made of heavy laminated cardstock and contain 12 different animal faces including a monkey, bird, horse, cow, rooster, elephant, lion, sheep, cat, dog, duck, and bee. The center of each poster easily pops out and can be used as a matching task. The Animal Face Posters are excellent for facilitating imitation and for creating eye contact and interaction. Animal Face Posters are, very simply, visual cues to help children know it is their verbal turn.


Animal Face Posters are sold with our Animals Movin’ and Groovin’ Song Set 5 or sold separately. All of the songs in Animals Movin’ and Groovin’ Song Set 5 correspond with the animals on these faces. In addition, Song Set 5 contains a file of these posters to print out additional faces as needed.


Use the Animal Face Posters with or without our songs. Try singing songs such as Old MacDonald or Talk It Rock It’s “Who Are You”. The Who Are You song is used daily by Rachel Arntson, creator of Talk It Rock It, and goes to the tune, “99 Bottles of Pop on the Wall.” Here are the lyrics:


Who is the cat today, and what does the cat say? Meow (your turn) Meow.


While singing this song, hold the mask up to your face. When saying, “your turn”, move the mask to your child’s face. This mask gives your child the visual cue that it is his turn.


Teach children to “show off” and take another’s perspective using our Animal Face Posters. Children with social interaction delays or disorders may not understand the concept of showing off. In our experience, children may not turn the posters to face others who are watching them. Instead, they turn the posters to face themselves – it appears they do not understand the process of taking another’s perspective. This is a foundational skill to build social-emotional learning.


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