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We created the songs and visuals for Imitation Exploration Set 1 for our young students who needed practice imitating simple words and phrases. This set is an awesome way to have fun with your child who is learning to communicate.


The CD and USB sets include a free digital download available immediately after purchase. When you purchase as a set, you save up to 50% versus purchasing each on their own!

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Product Description

Imitation Exploration contains 30 songs that focus on developing imitation and interaction in children at the beginning stages of communication, as well as helping kids who are struggling with articulation or apraxia. The vocabulary is simple and repetitive and focuses on words that are common in a child’s world! Learn more about these differences here.


This set includes:

  • 30 songs to enhance speech and language skills (including 5 instrumental songs)
  • A 12-page manual with activities and objectives for each song
  • Additional materials included to print on your own:
    • 300 illustrations in color and black & white
    • Lyrics to all songs
    • Summary of our picture sheets
    • Reading material, “Makes Me Want to Sing”
    • Thematic grouping of all songs

This set works great on the following speech and language objectives:

Imitation Exploration 1 Song Names and Primary Goals

  1. Express Train – Taking turns talking
  2. Animals – Animal sounds
  3. Puppy, Puppy, Puppy – Actions/puppy sounds
  4. Noisy, Noisy, Noisy – Making noises
  5. Monkey Song – Vowels/actions
  6. Dump and Fill – Concepts of in and out
  7. Owie – Actions/common vocabulary
  8. Milk and Juice – Foods and choice questions
  9. Baby Blowing Bubbles – Words/phrases
  10. Put the Sound on the End – Ends of words
  11. Barefoot Toes – Two-syllable words/phrases
  12. Go in My Car – Vowels and the word, “go”
  13. Bye Bye – Two-word phrases/common objects

Imitation Exploration 2 Song Names and Primary Goals

  1. Booga Choo Choo – Two-syllable combinations
  2. Hi – Two word phrases
  3. The New BMW – B, M, W in syllables
  4. Tongue Tip Time – T, D, N in syllables
  5. 5.    Let’s Eat – Foods
  6. Yee Haw – Animals/sounds
  7. Bath Time – Body parts/bath words
  8. Hi – slow version – Two-word phrases
  9. Gonna Get You – Two-syllable combinations
  10. Row Your Boat – Interaction song
  11. Put Them On – Clothes
  12. Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy – Interaction song
  13. Instrumental of The New BMW
  14. Instrumental of Let’s Eat
  15. Instrumental of Yee Haw
  16. Instrumental of Hi
  17. Instrumental of Put Them On

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    shebby aras (verified owner)

    great songs. Helped my autistic son to mimic and make the sounds in the songs. Thank you.

    • Rachel Arntson

      Hello from Rachel at Talk It Rock It. Thank you so much for your review on our website about Imitation Exploration. I wrote many of these songs specifically for children with autism. I worked in early intervention for over 25 years, and wanted songs that were simple enough for my students to imitate. I also believe strongly in using visuals with songs to promote comprehension of the words they are singing. Thank you again. Please share with others and let them know about a coupon code, TIRI-20, to get 20% off our individual song and movie sets.

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