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Rachels’ Presentations

FREE materials to use in your work with young children

Our goal for this page is simple. We want to provide parents and those working with young children with information on how to improve the speech and language skills of young children as they sing, play, and explore. This page will be constantly changing. Please go to it frequently to see what has been added.
The main categories of this page will be:

  1. Songs and Articles about Using Music to Enhance Speech and Language
  2. Picture files to use with our songs
  3. Articles written on a variety of topics such as
    1. Autism
    2. Childhood Apraxia of Speech
    3. Down Syndrome
    4. Cleft Palate
    5. Many Others
  4. Free materials to use in your work with young children
    1. Vowel pictures
  5. Websites and Blogs

FREE Vowel Picture

To hear portions of the Vowel Song from CD Set 3, Drills for Sounds, click here.
This song goes VERY well with the FREE Vowel pictures.

Click here to download the PDF for printing.


Pictures of posters to use with our songs

When using our songs with groups of children, larger posters and activities are helpful for increasing learning and participation.  Here are some examples of posters that we have created to complement our songs.

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