How to Download and Extract Digital Products


After completing a checkout, you will receive an email with your order details.  In the email, there will be a link to download your digital products.

Before clicking to download the products, please make sure you are on a PC or Mac computer and are using an Ethernet connection, not WiFi.  These files are large and can take some time to download.

Please do not use tablets or phones to download our digital products.  The files are compressed in to .zip files and require special software to extract them.

After clicking  the file to start downloading, make sure to Save the file. Do not click Open.
This will ensure you keep the files after downloading.

Once your download is complete, please navigate to where your browser saved the file.  This is typically located in your Downloads directory on Windows.

On Windows, right click the .zip file, and select Extract All

On a Mac, right click the .zip file, and select Open With > Archive Utility

Once the file has been extracted, you are free to move the files to anywhere on your computer.