The Lion of Tupungato – A Great Book, Great Read, and Great Cause

A Great Book, Great Read, and Great Cause

The Lion of Tupungato

I am sitting, drinking coffee, in Minnesota finishing a lovely book on a cool spring day. I thought I would share this book, The Lion of Tupungato, with you as it truly “warms” my heart.

A bit about the book and its author and illustrator,

Leanne M Benson

Leanne is a friend of mine and the author AND illustrator of “The Lion of Tupungato.”  In fact, Leanne is my daughter’s mother-in-law. Several years ago, she had a story in her head that she felt compelled to get on paper. She was initially motivated to write this book to support children fighting blood cancer (leukemia and lymphoma), but her story has certainly evolved into much more. This delightful book pulls at my heart strings and can give hope to others who are facing challenges in life. That pretty much includes all of us. We all have challenges – some greater than others, but none are exempt.

Why is this book so important to me?

The Lion of Tupingato and Leanne’s desire to use some of the profits of her book for blood cancer research especially touches me. Those of you who know me, know that our daughter, Kelsey, is a 21 year leukemia survivor. Without research dollars for blood cancer, I would not have had the honor of watching Kelsey grow up and thrive. But there is still so much to do in the area of childhood cancer. Blood cancer is still a leading cause of death in children, treatments are incredibly toxic, and they can leave lifelong health issues.

Lion of Tupungato porcelain figure

I ask that you all take a look at The Lion of Tupungato. In addition to the book, Leanne has created a limited number of sculptures of the “Lion” from this book. I have attached a picture so you can see how beautiful they are. Leanne is an amazing artist, and the illustrations in the book and sculptures are as incredible as the story.

Please read some additional information that Leanne gave me about her book and her hopes for the readers.

Leanne M. Benson is a local Minnesota author and artist, who has just released her first book, “The Lion of Tunungato.”. “The Lion of Tupungato” is about a young teen, who figures out some of life’s biggest challenges; sometimes with excitement and other times with trepidation. Talking about our insecurities and fears can be daunting. Leanne admits, “The characters in this story allowed me to examine some of life’s obstacles and hopefully open the door of communication for others.”

For years, Leanne has pictured readers enjoying her story. Looking back, she remembers, “It was during long walks that I would become the most honest with my feelings and emotions. Writing and rewriting, in order to stay true to each character’s personality throughout the story, and until the most meaningful life lessons had been created, my dream was to have others enjoy and be touched by the lessons in my book. We’ve all been a little broken at times in our lives. It is my hope that this uplifting story provides inspiration, comfort, and guidance to those fighting lymphoma, leukemia, other cancers and illnesses, bullying, inequality, or anything that makes us feel less of a person.”

Leanne is excited to get this enchanted story, with her own thirty charming illustrations, into the hands of readers of all ages. This book was crafted with advanced readers, fifth grade and older in mind, however, testimonials from grandparents and parents have expressed how much they enjoyed sharing this story with children much younger.

How can I get Leanne’s book?

Leanne’s book is sold on Amazon. Check out  her website, with a link to the Amazon page. To reach Leanne with any questions , to purchase a figurine, or to receive a signed copy of her book, send her an email through her website. At the bottom of her home page is an email contact.

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Awesome Carrying Case

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Summer Song 
Living in Minnesota or anywhere in the northern US brings an intense love for summer. I love summer and camping! I love doing so many things that we cannot do in the winter months. This winter was especially long with a 22 inch snow storm in late April. Seriously!
So, in honor of SUMMER, I wrote a little poem/song below to share with you and your students, clients, kids. I challenge all of you to do the following things with this song.
  1. Illustrate the lyrics and have your students do the same. (I promise to do the same as well and will share them in the very near future.) Combining visuals with auditory is always a positive learning tool.
  2. Ask your students to make their own Summer Plan. You can start to explore descriptive words, action words, and imagination as you talk about what you all love to do in the summer. You can go to a rhyming dictionary online such as to find words that rhyme with your lyrics. Writing a song is a great way to teach your children about rhyming, an important precursor to literacy.
  3. Put these lyrics to a tune. In writing a song, I often start with the lyrics. Then I read the lyrics in a rhythmic and sing/song way to follow the natural, musical flow. That will lead you to your own unique song and melody. You can sing this song or turn it into a rap with some rhythm instruments. Let your imagination be your guide.
  4. Share your song with all of us. I would love to publish your added verses in my blog and newsletter. With your order, please add your song to the message section in the shopping cart or send it to my Facebook page.
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Summer Plan
I’m going to the beach. I’m going to eat a peach.
That’s my summer plan today.                                     
I’m going to read a book. I’ll be fishing with a hook.
That’s my summer plan today.                                            
I’ll run in the rain. I’ll ride on a train.
That’s my summer plan today.                                             
I’ll play in the park, draw a picture of a shark.
That’s my summer plan today.
   Summer plans are grand! Summer plans are great.
Summer plans start now. Don’t wait. Don’t wait!
Thank you for your support of our small but mighty company – a company that provides “simple songs that kids can simply sing!”
Thank you again!
Rachel Arntson,
Speech-language pathologist,  M.S., CCC-SLP
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After going to ASHA in November and to CESA-5 Speech-Language Symposium in Wisconsin this past weekend, I am so excited by the positive response for the Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set.


Let’s face it. Some of the drill and practice that we do with kids is not all that fun. When something as difficult as speech is to certain children, the last thing we want to do is to make it painful and boring. That is why I created the Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set.


The concept is simple – Kids match pictures to the magnetic board and then poke them out the other side. What can I say? Kids LOVE pushing the pieces out and watching them fall. They can actively participate while practicing difficult sound sequences.


30 boards in one! This board contains the Starter Set of 10 pictures of common objects. In addition, though, there are 29 other sets of pictures and overlays that completely change the practice board. So, if you are working on vowels and vowel combinations, you use the Vowel magnets and overlay. If you are working on Consonant-Vowel productions with another child, you can choose between the CV magnets/overlays. Does a student need two words phrases? Grab the two-word phrase magnets/overlay. Click HERE see all of the magnet/overlay sets of Level 1.

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Happy New Year to all of you. My new year has started out with a BLAST! After years of pondering whether to develop another Push-Pull Puzzle, I am thrilled to say that I have something even better. The Blast Off Board is more durable, made here in the United States, and is essentially 30 puzzles in one!

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So, what is this new product?

The Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set has 3 elements.

  1. The Blast Off Board Starter Set – A 2-sided, magnetic receptive board with 10 common object magnets.
  2. The Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set, Level 1 – 13 sets of magnets and overlays covering sound sequences from vowels, vowel combinations and CV structures to 2-syllable words, final consonants, and 2 word phrases.
  3. The Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set, Level 2 – 16 sets of magnets and overlays covering beginning consonant sounds in CVCV structures and some two syllable words.                                    

Check out these videos describing this product which is especially valuable for children with apraxia or other articulation delays

While written descriptions are helpful, our videos demonstrating the Blast Off Board will show you the specific details much more. You really need to see it demonstrated to see the expansive uses of this wonderful product.

The Blast Off Board Starter Set 

The Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set, Level 1

The Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set, Level 2

The Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set Quality and Durability


Finally, have you ever seen our movie samples? Check out our other YouTube videos showing samples from our Animation Station 1, 2, 3, and 4 movies.


I wish you a very Happy New Year!

The BLAST OFF BOARD Sound Sequencing Set is finally here!

Are you tired of using picture cards for speech practice ?

You need the Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set which combines speech practice all while having fun! This amazing new product is especially excellent for children with apraxia, articulation delays, or other sound sequencing disorders.

Do you need sound sequencing practice that is motivating for young children?

The Blast Off Board is a complete sound sequencing program from vowels to multi-syllabic words and phrases. This amazing tool is a high quality, durable product made entirely in the USA.

The Blast Off Board is 30 boards in 1!

Based on the concept of our Push-Pull Puzzle, the Blast Off Board is a two-sided magnetic-receptive board with 10 holes cut into it. Children match the magnetic pictures to the front of the board and push them out the other side through the holes. Children have a “blast” pushing the pictures that are embedded into a scene on the back.

You need just 1 Board, but it becomes 30 boards in 1 as you add magnets and overlays! Go to to read about this new and exciting product.

There are 3 components to the Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set

1. The Blast Off Board Starter Set –

The starter set contains the magnetic board with 10 magnets of common objects chosen for phonemic variety.

2. Level 1 Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set –

This set contains 13 magnet sets and overlays of sound sequences starting with vowels and vowel combinations, and progressing to consonant-vowels (CV), CVCV, VC, VCV, two-word phrases, and final consonants. This is an excellent program for children with apraxia or other sound sequencing difficulties.

 3. Level 2 Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set –

This set features 16 magnet sets/overlays of beginning consonant sounds in 1 syllable words and some 2 syllable words. This is a typical articulation set of initial consonants.

Check out this amazing new product. I used the prototype for years, and I am THRILLED that I am finally able to share it with others! Kids LOVE it!

Be a Team for your Child – Teachers and Parents Together

Several years ago, I wrote an article entitled Hey There Educators – Who Needs You More? You may want to read that over as you begin a new school year. But for now, let’s talk about being a team! ‎

Parents, as you begin a new year with your child in school, think about what your child’s needs and strengths are. Let your teacher know about anything that may help your child be successful and comfortable. Teachers, truly listen to your parents. They are leaving their precious gifts in your watch, and they need to learn to trust you. It takes time to build a relationship that is positive, warm, and caring.

I’ll never forget my daughter’s first grade teacher, Mrs. Hoeschen. Her compassion combined with competence was truly a masterpiece to watch. Our daughter was in the height of chemo-therapy treatments, and Mrs. Hoeschen had a plan for our little girl that covered every base from academics to medical needs. AND she listened to us, the parents. She put us at ease immediately. I hope every teacher truly knows how deeply important you are.

Parents, I hope you understand just how impossible the job of a teacher is. I hope you also see how these miracle workers somehow manage the impossible every day. So if I may be so bold, I have a few suggestions for parents as well. Be realistic and know your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Build on the strengths and teach strategies to manage the weaknesses at home so that she can use those same strategies at school. At home, if your child has a difficult time sharing, following directions, conforming to a schedule or a break in routine, cleaning up, taking no for an answer when he wants to use an iPad, listening to others, showing compassion for those who are hurting, being helpful, etc., there is a strong possibility that those same skills will be difficult for him in school. If you struggle with anything at home, don’t be shocked if you hear that your child struggles in school with the same things. Be patient and supportive of your teacher as he or she tries to understand and guide your child’s learning.  As a former educator, the support I received from parents was so important! Thank you, on behalf of all educators, for your support of them.

I encourage all of you today to set a goal of being a TEAM together – the child, the parent, and the teacher. You will have frustrations as you continue your year. Just keep those lines of communication open. Best wishes for a new year!

Here are a couple of greeting songs that may be useful in your first days back at school. Enjoy!

You may also enjoy using the Hi Song from our Imitation Exploration Set 1. Our sale this new school year is 50% off any of our individual CDs, USB Flashdrives, or DVDs. (Does not include Combo Sets as they are already significantly discounted.) Check them out in our shopping cart.

Who’s in the Window? (I’m a Little Teapot)  (Use a picture frame or poster board cut in the shape of a window. Take turns passing the frame or each child can have their own frame, perhaps of a different color.)

Who’s in the (blue) window? Who do we see?

Jacob, Jacob lookin’ at me.

Hello Jacob. Hi, Hi, Hi

Hello How Are You? (Mary Had a Little Lamb) © Rachel Arntson, 2003

Hello children, how are you?

How are you? How are you?

Hello children, how are you?

Who is sitting next to you?


Erik’s sitting next to you.

Hello, Erik, how are you?

Hello Erik, how are you?

Who is sitting next to you?

Building Sounds to Make Words

Helping children build sounds to make words is incredibly rewarding.This illustrates a recent experience I had with one of my students with limited ability to produce sounds. We brainstormed how to encourage positive communication even with limited verbal skills.

Motor Planning Issues – One of my little students has been working on producing vowel sounds and shaping them into words. We have also been emphasizing consonant-vowel (CV) productions and also CVCV. Here are some highlights: 1. This child’s staying power and willingness to try has skyrocketed. Why? because we have chosen motivating activities for speech practice. (ie – Swinging in a blanket onto the couch creates movement as well as excellent eye contact and opportunities for speech practice.)
2. We looked for immediate carry-over. This little one could say, “ah”, so we shaped it into “on” and “off”. Today we heard spontaneous “on” and “off” for turning on the microwave and also as a request to get something off.
3. To build sounds, I often start with vowel productions. For this student I used my vowel pictures (free in my Free Resources page), the Apraxia Kit from Talk Tools help with lip rounding for oh and oo, and vowel combinations to get sounds and words such as “uh oh,” “oo wa,” and “eeya.” This drill has paid off as vowel productions are getting more consistent and “wawa” is now a spontaneous word.
4. I discussed the progression of sound development with a parent. Describing the relationship between sounds has really helped this parent understand the struggle the child has and what makes one sound easier to produce than another.
5. Creating opportunities for a child to produce sounds when playing has been a goal. It is amazing how quiet some children are during play. My belief is that some children are not able to motor plan gross motor movement with oral motor and speech. So while playing with preferred toys, I typically brainstorm with the parent on what sounds would make sense in particular situations. When a child realizes that he/she can vocalize while playing, this increases confidence and verbalizations. He/She is giving himself speech therapy each session.