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The Lion of Tupungato – A Great Book, Great Read, and Great Cause

A Great Book, Great Read, and Great Cause The Lion of Tupungato I am sitting, drinking coffee, in Minnesota finishing a lovely book on a cool spring day. I thought I would share this book, The Lion of Tupungato, with you as it truly “warms” my heart. A bit about the book and its author […]

Do Children’s Songs Go Too Fast?  We have a Solution!

Do children’s songs go TOO FAST! No problem. It’s easy to slow them down. 50% off all Talk It Rock It Song Sets Do Children’s Songs Go Too Fast? We have a Solution!   Do children’s songs go too fast? When we record children’s songs, we often think about this question. We also have many other […]

Are you going to ASHA? I have a deal for you!

I love going to ASHA and meeting SLPs who enjoy our songs and other products. Our conversations have warmed my heart! I thoroughly enjoy listening to how you incorporate Talk It Rock It into your daily work with children. Thank you for sharing! I’m excited to see many of you again and to also meet […]

Back to School – 20% Off Entire Talk It Rock It Store

Welcome back to school with a 20% discount to get you started! I have been retired from my work in the public school system for 3 years now. I miss my students and my colleagues. The paper work? Not so much. Would you like to make your job a little easier this school year? That […]

Summer Song and 30% off our ENTIRE STORE!

Summer Song  Living in Minnesota or anywhere in the northern US brings an intense love for summer. I love summer and camping! I love doing so many things that we cannot do in the winter months. This winter was especially long with a 22 inch snow storm in late April. Seriously! So, in honor of […]

The Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set has really taken off, no pun intended.

After going to ASHA in November and to CESA-5 Speech-Language Symposium in Wisconsin this past weekend, I am so excited by the positive response for the Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set.   Let’s face it. Some of the drill and practice that we do with kids is not all that fun. When something as […]

Blast Off Board and FREE products? Awesome!

Announcing the amazing Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set and up  to 2 free products ($80 value) for the purchase of a complete set! Happy New Year to all of you. My new year has started out with a BLAST! After years of pondering whether to develop another Push-Pull Puzzle, I am thrilled to say […]

The BLAST OFF BOARD Sound Sequencing Set is finally here!

Are you tired of using picture cards for speech practice ? You need the Blast Off Board Sound Sequencing Set which combines speech practice all while having fun! This amazing new product is especially excellent for children with apraxia, articulation delays, or other sound sequencing disorders. Do you need sound sequencing practice that is motivating […]

Be a Team for your Child – Teachers and Parents Together

Several years ago, I wrote an article entitled Hey There Educators – Who Needs You More? You may want to read that over as you begin a new school year. But for now, let’s talk about being a team! ‎ Parents, as you begin a new year with your child in school, think about […]

Building Sounds to Make Words

Helping children build sounds to make words is incredibly rewarding.This illustrates a recent experience I had with one of my students with limited ability to produce sounds. We brainstormed how to encourage positive communication even with limited verbal skills. Motor Planning Issues – One of my little students has been working on producing vowel […]